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Media Release
Carers Australia supports call for a dementia-friendly nation

21 September 2020 – 159.09 KB

This Dementia Action Week, we call on everyone to help cultivate dementia-friendly communities.

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Inclusion of carers in Targeted Call for Research into End of Life Care welcomed

4 September 2020 – 187.14 KB

Carers Australia applauds the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for their explicit inclusion of the needs of carers within their recently released Targeted Call for Research into End of Life Care.

Media Release
Pre-Budget submission: ‘Invisible army’ of unpaid carers need improved recognition and support

25 August 2020 – 199.45 KB

The support of Australia’s 2.65 million unpaid carers needs to be reflected in the upcoming Federal Budget, both in policy and financial terms, according to Carers Australia’s pre-Budget submission.

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Carers Australia calls for additional carer payments

20 August 2020 – 156.95 KB

Carers Australia has urged the Federal Government to consider providing an additional $750 stimulus payment to carers after the Government announced yesterday that pension payments would not rise in September as a result of the indexation formula going down.

Media Release
Replacement value of unpaid care in Australia rises to $77.9 billion per year

31 July 2020 – 223.18 KB

A new report commissioned by Carers Australia has confirmed that the estimated annual replacement value of all unpaid care in Australia has risen to $77.9 billion – an increase of 29% since similar research was last conducted in 2015.

Media Release
Further support needed for unpaid carers during COVID-19 pandemic

24 July 2020 – 166.66 KB

A further one-off payment of $750 to all unpaid carers receiving carer payments across Australia would go some way to providing the support they need to continue caring during the ongoing uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic brings.

Media Release
National Disability Research Partnership Welcome but Needs to Include Carers

22 June 2020 – 157.75 KB

The National Carer Network and Carers Australia welcomes today’s announcement of a National Disability Research Partnership.

Media Release
New CEO for Carers Australia

2 June 2020 – 178.54 KB

Liz Callaghan has been announced as the new CEO of Carers Australia.

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Survey of family and friend carers reveals them doing it very tough during COVID-19 pandemic

21 May 2020 – 174.26 KB

A survey of family and friend carers conducted by the Caring Fairly campaign has revealed that, while the coronavirus and its consequences have impacted negatively on many Australians, family and friend carers of people with disability, mental illness, chronic illness and the frail aged have faced a very high level of challenges to their finances and wellbeing.

Media Release
Funding to support carers of people with mental illness during the pandemic appreciated

18 May 2020 – 153.32 KB

“The Government’s announcement on Friday that $3.5 million will be available to support family and friend mental health carers under the National Mental Health and Wellbeing Pandemic Response Plan is most welcome,” said Mary Reid, Interim CEO of Carers Australia.

Media Release
ACT legislation to protect vulnerable Canberrans

8 May 2020 – 157.39 KB

Carers ACT and Carers Australia support legislation to protect aged people and people with disability against abuse. However, immediate referral of those suspected of abuse to the criminal justice system is in many cases neither an appropriate nor effective approach to dealing with these circumstances.

Media Release
Consultation on draft Aged Care Visitor Access Code

1 May 2020 – 116.86 KB

A Visitor Access Code to ensure a nationally consistent visitation policy to residential aged care homes during the COVID-19 crisis has today been released by aged care peaks and consumer advocacy organisations for consultation with the public.