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Productivity Commission inquiry into Competition in Human Services: Stage 1

2 August 2016 – 568.86 KB

Submission to PC Inquiry into Competition in Human Services: services within the human services sector that are best suited to increased application of competition, contestability and informed user choice.

Designing the new integrated carer support service

15 June 2016 – 452.82 KB

Carers Australia submission to the draft Service Concept ‘Designing the new integrated carer support service’

Submission to the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Commissioning Framework – Consultation Draft

5 May 2016 – 512.9 KB

Carers Australia's Submission to the ILC Commissioning Framework

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the economic security for women in retirement

2 November 2015 – 675.11 KB

Carers Australia recommends a fairer retirement system and consideration for those with broken careers or who face involuntary retirement.

Submission to the Job Seeker Compliance Bill 2015

16 October 2015 – 304.25 KB

Carers Australia notes that strict eligibility for Carer Payment mean that there are many carers in receipt of other income supports who would be affected by this Bill and that safeguards are needed.

Submission to the Inquiry into the Social Security Legislation Amendment (Debit Card Trial) Bill 2015

9 October 2015 – 341.79 KB

Carers Australia questions the capacity of the cashless welfare arrangements in the proposed Trial to achieve its aims.

Submission to the Independent Review of the Operation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act (2013)

9 October 2015 – 451.19 KB

Carers Australia provides recommendations for potential changes to the NDIS Act and the NDIS Rules to achieve consistency across the legislative framework.

Submission to the Review of Commonwealth Aged Care Advocacy Services Options Paper

4 September 2015 – 428.07 KB

Carers Australia provides input into the Review of Commonwealth Aged Care Advocacy Services.

Submission to the Regulation Impact Statement for the Childcare Assistance Package

4 August 2015 – 504.02 KB

Carers Australia's Submission on the impact of the Child Care Assistance Package on family and friend carers.

Submission to the Australian Government’s Retirement Incomes Review

24 July 2015 – 643.69 KB

Our Submission on the Tax Discussion Paper in regards to the treatment of retirement incomes.

Submission to the Urbis Disability Education Standards 2015 Review

10 June 2015 – 190.25 KB

This submission covers a range of issues which obstruct the implementation of the Disability Education Standards in schools and which were brought to our attention by our stakeholders, and raises issues around the carers of people with disabilities in tertiary education.

Submission to the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) Consultation – April 2015

20 April 2015 – 312.91 KB

Carers Australia's submission to the Commonwealth Home Support Programme Consultation.