Australian-based organisation, MedAdvisor, has produced a free app to ease the often time‑consuming, complex task of managing your medication or that of the person you care for, making the process manageable while saving time and angst in the process.


Q1: What is MedAdvisor?

A: MedAdvisor provides an intuitive, easy-to-use app enabling individuals and carers to manage all aspects of prescription and non-prescription medication and vitamins, helping people to use medication safely, effectively and on-time.

MedAdvisor Founder, Josh Swinnerton, developed the app after witnessing his mother’s experience with arthritis and Parkinson’s disease and the difficulties she faced in managing her own medication. From this experience, the app and online system had a clear objective – to deliver an effective personal medication management system that simplified the complex job of managing multiple medications.

Q2: What are the key features of the MedAdvisor app?

A: Among other features, MedAdvisor enables individuals and carers to connect digitally with their pharmacies and GPs to manage their own medications, or those of the person they care for, and to access personal medical records, reminders and instructions for when and how to take medications.

The key features of MedAdvisor are:

Carer Mode:

Allows you to manage the medication of the person you care for within your personal MedAdvisor account.

Automatic Medication List

Compiles all your prescription medications and updates whenever you fill scripts, allowing you to see complete details, how many repeats are remaining, the quantity you have left and medication information.


Reminds you when to take specific medications each day, at specified times of the day, or the medication schedule of the person you care for. The notifications include details of exactly which medications are due and the required dosage.

Fill-My-Scripts and See-My-Doctor

Automatically reminds you to fill your recurring scripts and notifies you if you forget. This feature also notifies you when you need to visit your doctor for replacement prescriptions.


Saves time as you can order prescriptions at the touch of a button. You will then be notified when your medications are ready for collection at your local pharmacy.

Medication Information

Provides you with full information for all your medicines so you can quickly learn more and access its common uses, how to use tips, cautions/warnings, possible side effects and much more.

Q5: How can I access MedAdvisor?

A: You can create an account with MedAdvisor online and following the instructions, or by asking your favourite pharmacy to join. Once you have activated your account, your prescriptions will automatically appear within 24 hours. You can access MedAdvisor on your smartphone using an app or on your PC through a web browser.

Watch the video and see how easy it is.

Q6: What are the next steps as a carer on MedAdvisor?

When you have a MedAdvisor account you will need to obtain an activation code for the person you are caring for in order to activate carer mode. Visit your pharmacy and they will print your code. Enter the code and the surname of the person you are caring for and you will be able to order medications, message the pharmacy and set dose reminders.

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