Carers Australia values the widespread political and community recognition of the value of Australia’s unpaid family and friend carers, both to society and the economy. It is also widely understood that providing care to family members or friends often comes at personal cost, including to their own health and wellbeing.

While there are a number of areas of government policy which have an impact on the wellbeing and future prospects of family and friend carers, Carers Australia has identified six high priority issues of immediate concern which need to be addressed by the Federal Government:

  • Reverse the decline in funding for direct support services available to carers
  • Redress the decline in access to respite care within the aged care sector
  • End lengthy waiting periods for access to aged care Home Care Packages and ensure that supply meets assessed need
  • Improve delivery of the NDIS
  • Improve opportunities for carers to take up employment
  • Support research to identify and address the problem of extensive and persistent sleep deprivation among carers.