Self Assessment Questionnaire Introduction

Work & Care Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Welcome to the Carers Australia Work & Care Self-Assessment Questionnaire. This tool will ask a series of simple questions to identify where you can make improvements and support employees with caring responsibilities.

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This survey will take no longer than five minutes and should be completed by the Executive or HR staff member within your organisation.

The Self-Assessment will cover three areas: Recognition and Awareness, Supporting Carers, and Evaluating Outcomes and Sharing Best Practice.

The Work & Care Self-Assessment questionnaire is a useful way to help employers assess what you know about carers within the workplace and to promote discussion about what changes employers might make to better support employees with caring responsibilities.

This tool is not designed as a comprehensive evaluation of organisational performance in relation to carers, it is merely a way to instigate discussion around what areas the business may want to address.

This questionnaire determines where a business currently sits as a carer-friendly workplace on either a Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 basis.