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Become a Carer-Friendly Workplace

Carer-Friendly Workplaces Make Business Sense

To remain competitive, businesses need to attract and retain skilled and committed employees. In Australia, there are many employees who combine paid work with caring for a friend or family member with a disability, mental illness, chronic condition or terminal illness, or someone who is frail aged. Providing specific workplace arrangements for these carers has significant benefits for businesses.

The more experienced a staff member, the higher the costs of replacing them if they leave. Failing to retain experienced workers represents significant loss of resources and knowledge.

Carers are more likely to stay with an employer if their needs for flexibility are met. Implementing carer-friendly provisions is therefore a crucial investment in employee retention.

The benefits of becoming a carer-friendly workplace include:

  • Reduced costs of employee turnover
  • Increased staff morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved service delivery
  • Reducing employee stress and absenteeism
  • Attracting quality workers
  • Building a resilient workforce

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Review and implement the Carer Action Plan


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