As the Federal Election approaches, we have compiled a list of the relevant pledges made by political parties in regard to areas of policy which affect carers.


  • A significant increase in support for young carers by tripling the number of educational bursaries available under the Young Carer Bursary Programme (equivalent to an $11 million dollar boost) and extending the life of the programme by at least an additional two years.


  • Significantly increase respite options for carers to help them cope with caring responsibilities
  • Improve programs, concessions and subsidies for carers to help them fulfil their roles and meet the extra costs of providing care, including help for young carers, retro-fitting homes and help with utility bills
  • Develop cross-departmental programs to support young carers with their education and maintaining their health and social relationships.

Nick Xenophon Team:

  • ‘People with disabilities should be treated with dignity and respect and be able to live full and meaningful lives’
    • The rollout of the NDIS needs to be carefully evaluated to ensure it has the maximum benefit for its clients
    • Respite for those families with a disabled family member needs to be given greater priority

We will update this page with further information as and when it becomes available.