Today the successful tenders for the regional delivery of the new Integrated Carer Support Services (ICSS) were announced.

The announcement follows a four-year consultation process with organisations delivering services to carers around the country and an extensive survey of Australia’s carers.

“The 16 new Regional Delivery Partners are designed to coordinate the delivery of a suite of carer services across Australia on a more geographically equitable, easier to navigate and less fragmented basis,” said Ara Cresswell, CEO of Carers Australia.

“Carers will have a single point of entry within their region to have their needs assessed and be referred to supports, including in-person counselling, in-person coaching, and in-person peer support. They will also be assisted to develop carer plans to help manage their existing and changing circumstances. Emergency respite and financial packages can be made available if needed to assist with particular circumstances and individual purchases.

“We understand that transition to the new model will not come without concerns from carers who are already receiving services from providers that have not been part of a successful tender and who may not continue to provide carer services. However, these carers will be able to transition to the new providers and in many cases will find that they now have access to a greater range of supports than before. Other carers will be able to access services for the first time, regardless of their location.”

The new Regional Delivery Partners will begin operations in April 2020. Existing service providers will ensure continuity of support to carers during the transition.


Read the Minister’s media release.