Reviewing the plan

Reviewing the NDIS plan

A plan review will generally occur 12 months from the first planning meeting or when there has been a change in the participant’s circumstances. Depending on the participant's disability and support needs, two-year plans may be negotiated.

The aim of this review is to ensure the supports identified are adding value to the participant’s life.

A review is an opportunity for the participant to reflect back and note which supports are helping them to achieve their goals, along with a time to re-evaluate and identify new interests and opportunities that they would like to participate in - for example, sporting, or special interest group activities. Please click on the below PDF to show an example of preparation undertaken for an NDIS plan review.

NDIS Plan review preparation example

Participant’s can change their service providers at any time without needing to wait for a scheduled review. Please contact the NDIA for information on this process. Phone: 1800 800 110.

At review, the NDIS Plan will be developed from information provided in the 'Participant's Statement of Goals and Aspirations’ and their ‘Statement of Supports’. Participants can be provided assistance to complete the below information. 

The Participant’s Statement of Goals and Aspirations describes a participant's:

  • Current goals and aspirations
  • Current living arrangements
  • Informal and formal community supports received or accessed, and
  • Current social and economic participation.

The Statement of Supports should specify:

  • General supports that will be provided for the participant
  • Reasonable and necessary supports that will be funded by the NDIS
  • A date and/or circumstances in which the NDIA will review the plan, and
  • How the funding of supports in the plan will be managed.