Carers must be included in mental health investment

Carers must be included in mental health investment

Posted May 10, 2011

Carers Australia welcomes the increased investment in the mental health sector as announced in the Federal Budget. 

Carers Australia President Tim Moore said, "Carers Australia has advocated for it for some time and is therefore heartened to see this investment in mental health services.

"Carers are an integral part of the mental health system and Carers Australia looks forward to working with the government to develop strategies to engage and support them."

Greater investment in mental health services and a particular focus on preventive measures and early intervention for young people, will be a valuable pre-emptive tool to help combat the increasing mental health issues faced by many Australians.

The Government has committed to spending an additional $1.5 billion over five years on a variety of initiatives. These include the provision of care coordinators who would seek to ensure a patient’s care needs are met, and a major expansion of the Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs) program.

"These and other initiatives should be of great help to the many thousands of carers who care for people with a mental illness, in particular the new respite services for mental health carers," said Mr Moore.

Carers Australia looks forward to the release of the Government’s National Carer Strategy shortly and to working with them closely to secure better support and services for carers.

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