Concurrent Sessions 5 & 6 (Friday)

CONCURRENT SESSIONS 5 & 6  - Friday 6 October

The following presentations have received approval to publish.

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Concurrent Session 5  |  9.00am-10.30am

Hall C.1       It’s 2017 and machines can learn, but can they care?

Presenter and author: Adam Jahnke, Founder and CEO, Umps Health, Melbourne, Australia

Hall C.2       Technologies for health and care – potential for change

Presenter and author: Madeleine Starr, Director of Business Development and Innovation, Carers UK


Hall A.1       Developing support for carers from the military forces community

Presenter: Jennifer Kenward, Experience of Care Lead – Community, Primary and Integrated Care, NHS England, United Kingdom.  Authors: Jennifer Kenward; Paul Watson (PhD student, Veterans Hub, Northumbria University, UK); Jenny Franks, Helen Leadbitter and Toni-Marie Leaf (Children’s Society, UK)


Hall B.2       Mobilising the UK carers movement over 50 years

Presenter and author: Heléna Herklots CBE, Chief Executive, Carers UK


Hall H1.1    The influence of carer focused workplace practices on perceptions of workplace climate for supporting care

Presenter: Dr Hugh TJ Bainbridge, Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.  Authors: Dr Hugh TJ Bainbridge and Dr Timothy Broady (Senior Research and Development Officer, Carers NSW, Australia)


Hall H2.3    Easy dressing for the disabled

Presenter and author: Cheryl J Campbell, Designer, Chelan Clothing Limited, Australia


Hall H3.2         Unpacking the ‘carers’ burden’: Carers rights and the sustainability of care

Presenter and author: Amaya Alvarez, Future Social Service Institutes (FSSI) PhD Scholar, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Hall H3.3    Siblings of people with disability: Their roles and needs within the changing disability/carer sector

Presenter and author: Kate Strohm, Director, Siblings Australia


Hall H4.1         A place based approach to working with Aboriginal carers

Presenters and authors: David Crew, Manager, Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre Aboriginal Corporation and Anny Druett, Manager, Cultural Bridge Builders


City Room.2     South Australia: Young carer service model and pilot

Presenter and author: Marianne Lewis, Senior Policy, Projects and Carer Engagement Officer, Carers SA


Concurrent Session 6  |  2.00pm-3.30pm

Hall C.1       The Carers Toolkit – supporting integrated working across health, social care and the voluntary sector

Presenter: Jennifer Kenward, Experience of Care Lead - Community, Primary & Integrated Care, NHS England, London, United Kingdom.  Authors: Dave Ross and Jennifer Kenward


Hall A.3       Innovation in community based care: Testing and validating a checklist to improve informal carers' involvement and support

Presenters: Associate Professor Kristin Humerfelt, PhD in Social Work, Carers Research Area, University Of Stavanger, Norway and Professor Anne Norheim, Nursing Science, Carers Research Area, University of Stavanger.  Authors: Professor Helene Hanssen (Health and Social Science, University of Stavanger); Associate Professor Kristin Humerfelt and Professor Anne Norheim


Hall B.3       Family carers extending 'continuity of care' in chronic care of older people

Presenter: Cecilia Wong-Cornall, PhD candidate, School of Nursing, University of Auckland, New Zealand.  Authors: Cecilia Wong-Cornall; Dr John Parsons (University of Auckland); Associate Professor Nicolette Sheridan (University of Auckland); Associate Professor Tim Kenealy (University of Auckland); Dr Allie Peckham (University of Toronto, Canada)


Hall H1.1    How to face the challenge of a carer: One carer’s journey, start to finish and beyond

Presenter and author: Maria Heaton, Carer/Clinical Nurse Consultant Paediatric Palliative Care, NSW Carers Advisory Council, Pagewood, Australia

Hall H1.2    From caring to coping: Partnerships in bereavement interventions when transitioning to former caring

Presenters and authors: Kathleen Jurgens, Bereavement Coordinator, Southern Adelaide Palliative Services and Janet Ricks, Peer Mentor group facilitator and former carer, Southern Adelaide Palliative Services, Australia

Hall H1.3    Carer Recovery, Caring Journey, Carer Support - what does it mean and why does it matters?

Presenter and author: Rachael Lovelock, Advocacy Manager, Wellways Australia, Fairfield, Victoria


Hall H3.1         Carer rights in the Australian context: Deficits and opportunities

Presenter: Sarah Judd-Lam, Senior Policy and Development Officer, Carers NSW, Australia. Authors: Carolina Simpson (Carers NSW) and Sarah Judd-Lam


Hall H4.1    Supporting carers: Can formal services replace informal networks?

Presenter: Freya Saich, Carers NSW, Australia

Authors: Dr Timothy Broady (Senior Research and Development Officer, Carers NSW) and Freya Saich

Hall H4.3    Different Journeys – a way to connect

Presenters and authors: Melinda Spencer, co-founder, Different Journeys and Kellie Houghton, Occupational Therapist, Different Journeys, Australia