Concurrent Sessions 3 & 4 (Thursday)

CONCURRENT SESSIONS 3 & 4  - Thursday 5 October

The following presentations have received approval to publish.

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Concurrent Session 3  |  11.30am-1.00pm

Hall C.1       ReThink Respite: An innovative community intervention for carers of people with dementia aiming to improve knowledge about, attitudes towards, and use of respite

Presenter: Dr Elizabeth Cridland, Research Fellow, Australian Health Services Research Institute, University of Wollongong, Australia.  Authors: Dr Lyn Phillipson (University of Wollongong), Dr Elizabeth Cridland, Dr Keryn Johnson, Dr Danika Hall


Hall A.1       Post-caregiving: Family carers’ experiences of role and identity transition on cessation of the caring role – implications for policy and practice

Presenter: Liam O’ Sullivan, Executive Director, Care Alliance Ireland.  Authors: Dr Carol Kelleher (University College Cork), Liam O'Sullivan, Sally-Ann Back (West Cork Carers Support Group, Ireland) and Paul O'Mahoney (Family Carers Ireland, Ireland)

Hall A.2       Relatives’ experiences related to a close family member’s stay in an intensive care unit

Presenter: Assistant Professor Gro Frivold, University of Agder, Norway

Authors: Assistant Professor Frivold (MNSc, CCN), Professor Bjørg Dale (PhD, RN, University of Agder) and Professor Åshild Slettebø (PhD, RN, University of Agder)


Hall B.1       Family caregiver support: A new way to meet health services’ challenges and demands

Presenter: Kari Kjønsberg, Special adviser, Centre for Addiction Issues at Sykehuset Innlandet Hospital Trust, Norway

Authors: Special Adviser Kari Kjønsberg and Special Adviser Anne Christine Moberg (Sykehuset Innlandet Hospital Trust, Norway)

Hall B.2       Carers’ unforeseen uncertainty in ‘Integrated Community Care System’ in Japan: Findings from voices of carers

Presenter: Professor Mai Yamaguchi, Japan Lutheran College, Mitaka

Authors: Professor Mai Yamaguchi, Associate Professor Akemi Matsuzawa (PhD, Ibaraki Christian University, Japan), Professor Eiko Horikoshi (Japan Women’s University, Bunkyō), Professor Ikushi Yamaguchi (PhD, Meiji University, Chiyoda, Japan), Professor Machiko Ohara (PhD, Japan College of Social Work, Kiyose) and , Professor Hiromi Nakamura (PhD, Saitama Prefectural University, Koshigaya, Japan)


Hall H.1.2   Before the Fall - Using technology to capture non-expert observations to pre-empt acute scenarios via private online networks of family and friends

Presenters and authors: Stewart McCure and Owen Batt, Familyze


Hall H2.2    Challenges and best practice of support and wellbeing of informal carers

Presenter and author: Angela Smith, Development & Support Officer, Carers Tasmania, Australia

Hall H2.3    The impact of a multi-sensory room on the wellbeing of those utilizing hospice care

Presenter: Michelle McClure, Manager and clinical nurse, Albany Community Hospice and Efterpi Soropos, Human Rooms™ designer, Albany Community Hospice, Australia.  Authors: Michelle McClure, Efterpi Soropos and Associate Professor Kirsten Auret (Rural Clinical School Of Western Australia, University of Western Australia, Albany)


Hall H3.1    Creating opportunities with young carers aged 5 to 25: Empowering them to reach their potential

Presenter: Nadia Yacoubi, Young Carer Senior Coordinator, Carer Support and Respite Centre, Tim Watson, Jade and Jacinta Teigeler.  Authors: Carol Sparrow (Carer Support & Respite Centre Inc., Adelaide, Australia) and Nadia Yacoubi

Hall H3.2    The Ignatian Model: A Saint Ignatius’ College community partnership seeking to better support students facing adversity

Presenters: Elizabeth Robinson, Parent Volunteer and Robert Passaniti, Deputy Head Pastoral Care and Administration, Senior College, Saint Ignatius’ College, Adelaide, Australia.  Authors: Elizabeth Robinson, Dr Manya Angley (Saint Ignatius' College), Robert Passaniti, Andrew Dodson (Saint Ignatius' College) and Peter Coffey (Saint Ignatius' College)


Hall H4.3    Admission2Discharge Together – improving the hospital journey and health outcomes for people with intellectual disability and their carers

Presenters: Janice Oliver, Manager Carer Program, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, Sydney, Australia and Lif O'Connor, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Developmental Assessment Service and Metro-regional Intellectual Disability network, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District


City Room.1     Caring in later life: Reflections on current challenges

Presenters: Professor Liz Lloyd, University of Bristol, UK; Professor Alisoun Milne, University of Kent, UK; Dr Mary Larkin, The Open University, UK; Jo Moriarty, King's College, University of London, UK

  • Paper 4 - Moriarty - How can research inform practice and support?


City Room.3    Innovations in supporting carers to combine work and care: International perspectives

Presenters:  Professor Sue Yeandle, CIRCLE, University Of Sheffield, United Kingdom; Professor Janet Fast, RAPP, University of Alberta, Canada; Dr Myra Hamilton, SPRC, UNSW Australia; Mayuko Nakai, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; Professor Michael Fine, Macquarie University, Australia


Concurrent Session 4  |  2.00pm-3.30pm

Hall C.1       Who cares? Findings from a quantitative survey of professionals’ awareness of young carers in Switzerland

Presenters and authors: Professor Dr Agnes Leu, Programme Director Young Carers, Careum Research, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, Zurich, Switzerland; Dr Corinna Jung, Senior Researcher, Careum Research, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences and Institute of Primary Care, University of Zurich; Marianne Frech, RN, MScN, PhD student (Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF), Careum Research, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences

Hall C.2       NHS England's young Carers Health Champions - supporting service change using young carers voices

Presenter: Jennifer Kenward, Experience of Care Lead – Community, Primary and Integrated Care, NHS England, Leeds, UK.  Authors: Paula Cruise (Carers Programme Coordinator, NHS England) and Jennifer Kenward


Hall A.1       Carer needs assessment development - the experience in Ireland

Presenter: Liam O’Sullivan, Executive Director, Care Alliance Ireland.  Authors: Liam O'Sullivan, Clare Duffy (Family Carers Ireland), Linda McDermott Scales (Health Services Executive, Ireland), Natalie Vereker (Health Services Executive), Kris Dhondt (Rehab Care, Ireland)


Hall B.1       Café des Aidants® (Carer’s Café): A real long-term impact on carers

Presenter and author: Aurélie Matignon, Coordinator of the Carer’s Support Department - French Carer's Association, French Carer's Association, Paris, France

Hall B.2       Group song writing to support family caregivers of people living with dementia

Presenter: Sarah Yeates, Manager, Caladenia Dementia Care, Mooroolbark, Australia


Hall H2.1    Supporting older carers: A social work matter and a matter of social justice

Presenter and author: Professor Alisoun Milne, Professor of Social Gerontology and Social Work, University Of Kent, Chatham Maritime, United Kingdom

Hall H2.2    The impact of caregiving on health over time: Longitudinal findings from the Health, Work and Retirement study

Presenter: Professor Fiona Alpass, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Authors: Professor Fiona Alpass, Dr Agnes Szabo (Massey University), Dr Joanne Allen (Massey University), Professor Christine Stephens (Massey University)


Hall H3.2    My Care My Choice – creating new opportunities for consumers and carers to drive care quality

Presenter and author: Kelly Gray, My Care My Choice, Perth, Australia


City Room.1     Family caregiving and public policy: How research and policy can create new opportunities to support family caregivers

Presenters and authors: Dr Susan Reinhard, Senior Vice President and Director for AARP Public Policy Institute and Chief Strategist to Center to Champion Nursing in America, Washington and Grace Whiting, Chief Operating Officer, National Alliance for Caregiving , Bethesda, United States


City Room.4     The UK Government’s National Carers Strategy 2017

Presenter: Heléna Herklots CBE, Chief Executive, Carers UK, London and Chloe Wright, Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Carers UK

Author: Chloe Wright