Concurrent Sessions 1 & 2 (Wednesday)

CONCURRENT SESSIONS 1 & 2  - Wednesday 4 October

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Concurrent Session 1  |  2.00pm-3.30pm

Hall C.1       Supporting working carers: Partnerships, policy and practice

Presenter and author: David Grayson CBE, Chair, Carers UK, Professor of Corporate Responsibility, Cranfield School of Management

Hall C.2       Challenges of balancing work and care for parents of children with disabilities

Presenter and author: Dr Angela Crettenden, Attuned Psychology, North Adelaide, South Australia

Hall C.3       A carer-inclusive and Accommodating Organizations Standard: A partnership approach to healthy, productive work for employed carers

Presenter: Professor Allison M. Williams, PhD, CIHR Research Chair in Gender, Work & Health, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Authors: Professor Allison M. Williams and members of the Technical Committee of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)


Hall A.1       Consumers and carers as educators

Presenter and author: Christine Kaine, Senior Project Officer, Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia), Adelaide

Hall A.2       Caregivers of adults with mental illness: Results of a national study in the US

Presenter and author: Rick Greene, MSW, Executive Advisor, National Alliance for Caregiving (US)

Hall A.3       Partnering with mental health carers: Changing workplace practice

Presenter: Dr Sarah Pollock, Executive Director Research and Advocacy, Mind Australia and member of Mental Health Carers Australia.  Author: Jenny Branton (Executive Officer, Mental Health Carers Australia)


Hall B.1       The changing world of supporting carers

Presenter: David Militz, CEO, Carers SA. Authors: Carer Services Network of South Australia

Hall B.2       Supporting carers through partnership – New Zealand Carers’ Strategy Action Plan

Presenters: Chloe Mun, Policy Analyst, Seniors International and Disability, Ministry of Social Development, New Zealand and Laurie Hilsgen, CEO, Carers NZ.  Author: Chloe Mun

Hall B.3       Recognising carers in NSW – getting in on the Act

Presenter: Helen McFarlane, Manager – Carers, NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS).  Authors: Karen Turvey (Senior Policy Officer, FACS) and Claire Edmonds, Project Officer, NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS)


Hall H1.1    Caring for carers: Building a network of support

Presenter: Rebecca Storen, Program Coordinator, Palliative Care Australia.  Authors: Rebecca Storen, Philippa Kirkpatrick (Palliative Care Australia), Lizzy Laroche (Palliative Care Australia), Grace Keyworth (Palliative Care Australia), Liz Callaghan (CEO, Palliative Care Australia)


Hall H2.2    Consumer involvement in the development of the Clinical Practice Guidelines and Principles of Care for people with dementia and the associated Consumer Companion Guide

Presenter: Louise Heuzenroeder, Consumer Representative Guidelines Adaptation Committee, Adelaide, Australia.  Authors: Louise Heuzenroeder and Dr Jane Thompson (Consumer Representative Guidelines Adaptation Committee, Canberra, Australia)


Hall H3.2    A caring Mildura: A partnership approach to creating a town that cares

Presenters and authors: Rose Miles, Manager Carer Support Services, Bendigo Health, Australia, and Annie Hayward, General Manager, Policy Strategy and Public Affairs, Carers Victoria, Australia

Hall H3.3    On Retreat: An inclusive, family focused response to Younger Onset Dementia

Presenter: Gregory Pratt, Carers Support Worker-Dementia, Alfred Health Carer Services, Australia.  Contributing authors: Gregory Pratt; Sue Leake (Coordinator Dementia Programs, Alfred Health Carer Services); Laura Scott (Services Development, Alfred Health Carer Services)


Hall H4.3    Swimming against the tide: A carer's unique approach to finding hope, courage, inner strength, long term resilience, happiness and peace

Presenter and Author: Carolyn Cranwell LLB, GDLP


City Room.3     Caring in the Aboriginal Community: A worker’s guide

To access training materials and videos, click here.

Presenters and authors: Amanda Toczek McPeake, Executive Manager Consumer Services, Carer Support and Respite Centre, Margaret Potts (Carer Support & Respite Centre) and Daphne Rickett, Carer Support & Respite Centre)


City Room.4     The Home Alone Alliance: Translating research into practice through partnerships

Presenters and authors: Dr Susan Reinhard (RN, PhD), Senior Vice President and Director, AARP Public Policy Institute & Chief Strategist, Washington, Center to Champion Nursing in America, and Dr Heather Young (RN, PhD), Associate Vice Chancellor for Nursing, Dean and Professor, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, University of California, Davis, United States


Concurrent Session 2  |  4.00pm-5.30pm

Hall C.1       Rights and recognition for carers: Opportunities and risks in a rights-based approach to policy framing

Presenters and authors: Professor Sue Yeandle, Director, Centre for International Research on Care, Labour & Equalities (CIRCLE), Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield and Associate Professor Kate O'Loughlin, Ageing, Work and Health Research Unit, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney

Hall C.2       Underestimating care and carers: Looking at the future with the wisdom of hindsight

Presenter and author: Michael Fine, Honorary Professor, Department of Sociology, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Hall C.3       From recognition to rights: our pledge to carers of the future? A dialogue

Presenters and authors: Dr Kathryn Knight, independent scholar and Laura Davy, University of Sydney


Hall A.1       Developing support for young carers from asylum-seeking and refugee families

Presenter: Jennifer Kenward, Experience of Care Lead – Community, Primary and Integrated Care, NHS England

Authors: Jennifer Kenward and Helen Leadbitter (Children's Society, United Kingdom)

Hall A.2           “It’s like caring for someone that’s not there”: The challenges of non-finite loss for young carers

Presenter and author: Lauren Donnan, PhD Student, University of Auckland, Faculty of Education and Social Work

Hall A.3       Supporting professionals to support young carers - an EU experience

Presenter: Liam O'Sullivan, Executive Director, Care Alliance Ireland.  Authors: Liam O’Sullivan, Denise Dunne (Care Alliance Ireland) and Ben Salzmann (Diakonisches Werk Berlin Stadtmitte e.V, Germany)


Hall B.1       Taking into consideration carers’ health: A multidisciplinary approach required

Presenter: Aurelie Matignon, Coordinator of the carer’s supports department, French Carer's Association.  Directed by Florence Leduc (President, French Carer's Association), coordinated by Giulia Crosetto (health researcher, French Carer's Association), written by Estelle Camus (researcher, national observatory of social action), Matthieu Elgard (philosopher), Elodie Jung (executive director) and Charlotte Lozac’h (coordinator of professional department, French Carer's Association)

Hall B.2       A four nation study of carers of persons with heart failure in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States

Presenters: Rick Greene, National Alliance for Caregiving (US) and Susan Campbell, WomenHeart, USA.  On behalf of the International Alliance of Carer Organizations (IACO). Disclosure: this study was funded by Novartis.

Hall B.3       A report card on carer health: Fostering partnerships between researchers, carers and clinicians to monitor the health of carers at both population and clinical levels

Presenter: Anne F Stacey, Researcher in the health of informal carers, PhD Candidate [Final Year], University of Adelaide, South Australia.  Authors: Anne F Stacey, Dr Tiffany K Gill (Population Research & Outcome Studies, Discipline of Medicine, University of Adelaide), Associate Professor Kay Price (School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of South Australia) and Professor Anne W Taylor (Population Research & Outcome Studies, Discipline of Medicine, University of Adelaide)


Hall H1.3    Men care too

Presenter and author: Greg Smith, full time carer and Vice President, Candles Cancer Support Group Inc.


Hall H2.2    Carers helping carers: Increasing carers confidence and knowledge of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Presenter and author: Linda Monaghan, NDIS Project Manager, Carers Australia


Hall H4.2    The case for a carer knowledge exchange network (CAREN)

Presenter and author: Dr Mary Larkin, Senior Lecturer, The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Hall H4.3    Carer inclusion in individualised funding packages: Where Australia and the UK diverge

Presenter: Tom Hinton, Policy and Development Officer, Carers NSW, Australia.  Authors: Sarah Judd-Lam (Senior Policy and Development Officer, Carers NSW) and Timothy Broady (Senior Research and Development Officer, Carers NSW)


City Room.4     Why dementia care is different: The relational impacts of dementia on family carers

Facilitator: Dr Sue Jarrad, Quality Jobs Quality Care Project, University of South Australia.

Presenters: Dr Gaynor Macdonald, Anthropology, University Of Sydney, Associate Professor Jane Mears, Social Policy, Western Sydney University and Helen James