Policy development

To inform our policy, Carers Australia strives to develop a comprehensive evidence base. By consulting with carers and acting on the latest research, we ensure our policies remain effective and current. In developing our policies we are always guided by the values of our vision and mission.

Drawing on research findings

Carers Australia seeks to stay abreast of the large body of research relevant to carer issues published in Australia and overseas. Where possible, Carers Australia commissions its own research and works in partnership with universities and other research bodies to add to the existing body of knowledge.

We also pay close attention to data compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics about carers and the people for whom they care. 

Consulting with carers

We are always seeking to better understand the needs and concerns of carers. We do this via feedback from our state and territory Carers Associations, which are in close daily contact with thousands of carers.  We also hear directly from individual carers and commission formal surveys of carer opinions. 

Working with others

Our policy staff work with their counterparts in the state and territory Carers Associations to develop our position on national policy issues.

We also work collegially with other NGOs to hear different views and seek to develop common positions.