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Changes to Planning

  • The NDIS is currently contacting participants considered to be at high risk of becoming affected by coronavirus during the pandemic. This is to ensure that NDIS plan budgets have enough funding to access the disability-related supports they need. Where there is enough scope within the funded plan that the NDIS provides, it will cover this time-limited additional payment, however, if you do need additional assistance or NDIS plan funds are low, you can also contact the NDIS on 1800 800 110
  • If you do need additional assistance or NDIS plan funds are low, you can also call 1800 800 110. The NDIA Contact Centre has special teams of planners available to discuss your situation and undertake a plan review if needed.
    • The NDIS has approved financial assistance to providers to support retention of workers including advance payments. There will be a 10 per cent COVID-19 loading on some supports and changes to cancellation policies.   While participant plans are not automatically adjusted for the 10% price increase, if participants need additional assistance or their funds are low, they can call the NDIA on 1800 800 110. For more information on how this affects you see here
  • Otherwise, NDIS plans will be extended by up to 24 months, ensuring continuity of support and increasing capacity of NDIA staff to focus on urgent and required changes to plans.  If the person you care for has a plan review scheduled, the NDIA will still contact them to discuss plan amendments.  However, if they are happy with the current plan, a planning meeting will not be necessary.  The extended plan will have the same core and capacity building budget funding (excluding capital) that is in their current plan added to the extended plan
  • Face-to-face planning is currently shifted to telephone, email or webchat. If you the person you care for wants a friend, family member or someone to help them with the meeting they can let the NDIA know when they know call. When the person assisting in the planning meeting is in a different location in Australia, the NDIA needs to be informed of their contact details so they can dial them in separately.
  • Action plan to ensure NDIS participants and their families continue to receive the essential disability supports they need.

The NDIS has a great deal of advice in Question and Answer format to cover a variety of problems and situations here

The NDIS has also announced that:

  • It has temporarily broadened the flexible approach to low cost Assistive Technology items, including smart devices, to enable continued access to disability supports through telehealth and telepractice while physical distancing regulations are in place for coronavirus pandemic.
  • Participants living in Supported Independent Living arrangements during the pandemic can now access two new support items for cleaning services and higher intensity support where a participant has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.
  • People wishing to access NDIS are now able to download the Access Request Form and Supporting Evidence Form.
  • For those who are concerned about the rules in place for safe service provision in the home see here

For more information visit https://www.ndis.gov.au/coronavirus/participants-coronavirus-covid-19

From Monday 6 April 2020, NDIS participants will be eligible for priority home delivery services.

This means, as an NDIS participant, from Monday 6 April, you can purchase grocery items online to be delivered to your home.

The NDIA has advised that it will send all participants a unique home delivery access code by SMS or email.

To access priority home delivery services:

  1. Complete your shopping online for home delivery with participating supermarket retailers.
  2. When prompted enter your unique priority home delivery code.
  3. Submit your order.

For more information click here. Our Accessing Groceries page has further information and tips for carers.

If you have questions or require advice, please contact the NDIS Contact Centre on 1800 800 110.