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Carers Australia continues to develop video resources, forum topics and links to current and relevant NDIS information for carers supporting someone preparing to transition across to the NDIS. Our Peer Conversation Project supports carers being linked with another carer or parent who has already been through the transition process and assisted the person they care for to receive an appropriate NDIS package of supports.

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A selection of carer video resources are outlined below. Click here for our Peer Conversation Project video resources.


Preparing for the NDIS

An NDIA staff member talks about how carers can prepare for the NDIS. She explains that education and knowledge are the most powerful tools and that there are a variety of ways to access NDIS information. It is also important to consider and have conversations about the goals of the participant in the NDIS.


Supports for carers through the NDIS

Families and carers and the care they provide play an important part in the NDIS. At the NDIS planning meeting the planner will want to understand the supports the carer and family provides and will look at ways to help maintain this.


The NDIS Carer's Statement

An explanation of what a Carer's Statement is and how it is developed during the NDIS planning process. It is important for a Carer Statement to include the type of supports that a carer provides and whether they are sustainable.


Managing NDIS funds

Looking at the different ways which NDIS funds can be managed, including:

  • NDIS management
  • A Registered Plan Management provider
  • Self-management
  • A combination of the above options


Early intervention supports for children through the NDIS

The range of early intervention supports that may be available to children with disability through the NDIS and that can help build their independence as well as the independence of their family.


Transitioning from Better Start to the NDIS

The NDIA are working to ensure a smooth transition process from Better Start to the NDIS for children and their families. Families and carers are encouraged to begin preparing for the NDIS by:

  • Thinking about supports the child may need (including early intervention supports)
  • Attending local information sessions
  • Thinking about the child and families’ goals


Nicole's story - transitioning from Better Start and self-managing NDIS funds

Nicole cares for her son, James. She provides advice on transitioning from Better Start to the NDIS and describes her experience with self-managing NDIS funds.


Sue and John's story - a positive experience

Sue and John speak about their positive experience with the NDIS and how it has helped their daughter, Verity, and their family. They provide advice to other carers who are about to become involved in the NDIS on the importance of being flexible and open-minded about supports and alternative options. They also explain how they have involved their daughter, who is non-verbal, in the planning and goal-setting process.


Peer Conversation Partner videos

The following videos can help carers gain a better understanding of the NDIS and provide insight into how carers can support the person they care for during the process.

Laurel, who cares for her daughter Peta, speaks about her experiences and gives advice regarding the NDIS to Corrie, who is new to the Scheme and cares for her daughter Sharon.

Laurel is one of Carers Australia’s Peer Conversation Partners. This program provides the opportunity for carers to speak with a carer who has successfully transitioned to the NDIS.

Click on the links below to view the NDIS Peer Conversation Video Series, which cover the following topics:


Introduction to these videos


What is the NDIS?


Nominees under the NDIS


Where to get help with the NDIS


Supports available to carers


Identifying goals with the person you care for


Carer involvement in the planning meeting


Preparing for the planning meeting


Funding for transport under the NDIS


What to take to the planning meeting


After a plan has been made


Local Area Coordinators


Making changes to the NDIS plan


Managing NDIS funds


 The development of these videos has been funded by the NDIS Sector Development Fund.

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