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Information for Mental Health carers and the NDIS

People living with a psychosocial disability or in mental health recovery, where the condition is permanent and substantially reduces their capacity to perform every-day activities, may be eligible to receive support through the NDIS.

Accessing the NDIS

If you are caring for someone with a psychosocial disability, it may be beneficial for you to understand the access and planning processes so that you can assist them, where eligible, to receive support through the NDIS.

To better understand the access process for people with a psychosocial disability, please click on this NDIS document: Completing the access process for the NDIS - Tips for communicating about psychosocial disability. This document outlines what the NDIS access team requires when assessing a person with psychosocial disability' eligibility to the scheme.

Mental Health Australia has also produced a fact sheet of information about Mental Health and NDIS eligibility titled - The National Disability Insurance Scheme and Mental Health. 

NDIS support and pre-planning

To understand how the NDIS can support a person with psychosocial disability, flexibility offered within a plan, and how the NDIS works with other systems - please click on this NDIS fact sheet: Psychosocial disability, recovery and the NDIS.

Pre-planning for the initial planning meeting will help to ensure that the person’s plan captures the impact of their condition on everyday functioning. You will need the permission of the person you care for to attend the planning meeting with them.

An NDIS planning workbook and a mental health carers’ checklist are available to assist you with your pre-planning.

Providing a carers statement, can help you outline the type of support you currently provide to the person you care for and whether you are able to continue in your caring role into the future.  It also provides you with the opportunity to let the NDIS know how you're coping in your caring role, and whether you need additional information or support. Examples of carer statements can be viewed on the Support for families and carers web page.

Please see The NDIS Process: Getting NDIS Plan Ready for further support and examples.

Mental Health Australia has also developed an NDIS and Mental Health resource list for carers, NDIS participants, and providers to access.

Additional information, fact sheets and links can be found in the Helpful Links section below.

Please see Helpful Links below for additional information to support you during the NDIS pre-planning phase.

Webinar: Introduction to the NDIS for mental health carers

Carers Australia in collaboration with Mental Health Australia delivered a webinar on 21 October 2016, for mental health carers on the NDIS. The aim of this webinar is to support mental health carers to understand the NDIS and provide information and resources to help support the person you care for, engage with the Scheme.

Webinar panel members include Ara Creswell, CEO Carers Australia; Frank Quinlan, CEO Mental Health Australia; Mark Rosser, National Disability Insurance Agency; Janet, a mental health carer with experience accessing the NDIS; and Lynn O'Grady who facilitated the discussion. 

Introduction to the NDIS for Mental Health Carers

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