Video Series

The following videos can help carers gain a better understanding of the NDIS and provide insight into how carers can support the person they care for during the process.

Laurel, who cares for her daughter Peta, speaks about her experiences and gives advice regarding the NDIS to Corrie, who is new to the Scheme and cares for her daughter Sharon.   

Laurel is one of Carers Australia’s Peer Conversation Partners. This program provides the opportunity for carers to speak with a carer who has successfully transitioned to the NDIS.

Click on the links below to view the NDIS Peer Conversation Video Series, which cover the following topics:


Introduction to these videos


What is the NDIS?


Nominees under the NDIS


Where to get help with the NDIS


Supports available to carers


Identifying goals with the person you care for


Carer involvement in the planning meeting


Preparing for the planning meeting


Funding for transport under the NDIS


What to take to the planning meeting


After a plan has been made


Local Area Coordinators


Making changes to the NDIS plan


Managing NDIS funds


These videos have been funded by the NDIS Sector Development Fund.

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