Peer Conversation Project

Peer Conversation Project and the NDIS

"Being able to speak with someone directly and have them address my current concerns, and then be provided with clarity as to what I need to prepare along the way, resulted in a much deeper understanding of the NDIS process.

Having a Peer Conversation with another parent or carer who has already supported the person they care for transition across to the NDIS, can provide you with the opportunity to learn through shared experiences, and build knowledge and capacity amongst each other with regards to the NDIS.

Carers Australia can link parents and carers, who are either in the planning phase of transitioning to the NDIS or preparing for an NDIS plan review with trained Peer Conversation Partners - who are parents and carers that have already been through the NDIS process.

These conversations can be arranged either one to one or in a group setting via teleconference. We can also arrange a skype chat meeting for carers who are hearing impaired, where they can type their questions and receive responses in real time. If you are interested in having a Peer Conversation, please complete the form below.

For general enquiries about the Peer Conversation project or if you would simply like further information, please contact one of our friendly NDIS project staff members:

Linda Monaghan or Michelle Whyte  

To request a Peer Conversation, please complete the form below. If you would like to speak with someone regarding the Peer Conversation project please call (02) 6122 9900

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Peer Conversation Request Form



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