Work and Care: the necessary investment

Work and Care: the necessary investment

Posted August 7, 2014

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This year Carers Australia will be launching a new Work & Care Initiative, which aims to improve the capacity of carers to combine employment with their caring responsibilities, and to assist long-term carers on income support to transition into employment when their caring role ceases or is reduced.

Click here to read our Work & Care information booklet: The business case for carer-friendly workplaces.

Carers Australia has also developed two reports on employment and care, which provide the background for the Work & Care Initiative. These can be found below:


Report No.1 Combining Work and Care

The benefits to carers and the economy

This report establishes the Australian demographic context of the ‘tipping point’ for care, looks at the impact of the caring role on employment and outlines why improving the employment prospects of carers is beneficial to both carers and the economy.

Report No.2 Combining Work and Care

The business case for carer-friendly workplaces

This report illustrates what carers need to combine work and care and highlights the benefits to employers of providing carer-friendly workplaces. It also provides examples of flexible leave and working arrangements.


Over the coming months Carers Australia will be developing a series of resources for employers. Stay in the loop about the Work & Care Initiative by subscribing to our mailing list here.

If you’re an employer who is interested in becoming involved in the Work & Care Initiative, please contact Carers Australia at or phone us on (02) 6122 9900.

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