Welfare Review Interim Report Summary

Welfare Review Interim Report Summary

Posted July 2, 2014

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The Interim Report of the Reference Group on Welfare Reform was released on Sunday 29th June for public consultation, and Carers Australia has put together a summary.

Please note the Interim Report is a discussion document only, and that none of the recommendations contained in the Report are set in concrete.

In the next month, Carers Australia and the network of state and territory Carers Associations will be providing a response to some of the options identified in the Report which impact on carers and those they care for.

The final report will be influenced by responses received in the consultation period, and will be submitted to the Federal Government, which may or may not support the various recommendations identified.

The Government will also be responsible for identifying the timeframe in which to implement any recommendations it does accept. This may be in the short term or over a number of years. The Government’s deliberations would have to pass through both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Our summary of the Interim Report can be found here.

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