Carers Australia welcomes Aged Care Workforce Compact

Carers Australia welcomes Aged Care Workforce Compact

Posted March 6, 2013

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Carers Australia is pleased that the Government has made $1.2 billion available to improve the pay, training and career opportunities of aged care workers under the new Aged Care Workforce Compact.

The need for the wage increases for paid aged care workers to be incorporated into registered industrial agreements is an important plank of the National Aged Care Alliance’s Blueprint for Aged Care.

“The shortage of trained aged care workers to provide personal care to people in their own homes or residential facilities is a perennial source of anxiety to family carers. This shortage can be largely attributed to poor wages and conditions”, said Ara Cresswell, CEO of Carers Australia.

“Family carers put in long and arduous hours of unpaid care and are often under intense emotional and physical stress”.

“However, many family carers have relayed that they are very hesitant to take up respite opportunities because they do not have confidence in an under-resourced system. These carers fear that the person they are caring for will not receive adequate care and assistance in a residential facility if they take much needed respite.

“The reality is that in some situations short-term residential care and respite is not available at all because of staff shortages.”  

Anything which addresses the shortage of a properly trained aged care workforce is a welcome step,” said Ms Cresswell.

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