Consider carers - Carers Australia supports a sustainable NDIS

Consider carers - Carers Australia supports a sustainable NDIS

Posted November 29, 2012

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Carers Australia welcomes the tabling in Federal Parliament of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill and urges all parties to support the measure.

“We are pleased that the general guiding principles specify that the role of carers, family, friends and neighbours who care for someone with a disability are acknowledged and respected,” said Tim Moore, Carers Australia President.

Carers Australia is very positive about the proposed NDIS and believes it has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of many people with disability.

“The NDIS is and should be primarily about improving the capacity of people with disabilities to determine their own life and care choices through flexible packages offered under the NDIS.

“These packages will inevitably be built around the amount of unpaid care already provided to many of those covered by the Scheme.

“As such, there must be some opportunity for carers to be consulted about their capacity and willingness to continue providing this underlying level of support.  Without a proper consideration of the sustainability of existing care, many plans may be based on fragile foundations and will not reflect the reality of the situation”, Mr Moore said.

This requirement was strongly endorsed by carers recently consulted by Carers Australia.

Some of the factors which affect the sustainability of care include: increasing age, illness, the difficult economic challenges of being an unpaid carer; and, particularly in the case of young carers, the need to access educational and training opportunities to ensure their own futures.

Carers Australia looks forward to the roll-out of the NDIS in various locations in 2013 and supports the aims which the NDIS seeks to achieve. We believe that a proper consideration of carer issues and needs will maximise the practical impact of the NDIS in Australia.

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