Caring role can deepen relationships

Caring role can deepen relationships

Posted October 20, 2011

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirms that the caring role can deepen caring relationships.  ABS’s Caring in the Community report found that in 2009, 36 per cent of primary carers reported that their caring role had brought them closer together with the person for whom they care.

“The caring role can be enriching and rewarding but it also can be demanding and challenging and over time the effects of caring can intensify,” said Ara Cresswell CEO, Carers Australia.

“Studies have shown that carers have the lowest wellbeing of any group surveyed[1] and often they experience significantly lower levels of workforce participation compared to the general population,” said Ms Cresswell. “Over time this low level of workforce participation may lead to financial insecurity and may also contribute to their social isolation.  It is imperative to carer health and wellbeing that they are valued and supported by society.”

Ms Cresswell said “We congratulate the ABS on this report and its publication during Carers Week, however it is essential that the Australian Government put in place supports and services to assist carers in their caring role.”

The Caring in the Community report provides data on:

  • the characteristics of carers in comparison to the general population
  • the impact of the caring role on carers,  their families and the person for whom they care
  • areas where needs are not currently being met; and
  • the average weekly hours spent caring.

Ms Cresswell said “the report provides an objective evidence base for analysis across a number of areas, and we eagerly await the release of the second edition of the report, which will contain more detailed information on specific issues including the health impacts of caring and workforce participation.”

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[1]  Cummins R.A, Deakin University, Summary Report the Wellbeing of Australians – Carer health and Wellbeing

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