Program and Concurrent Sessions


The Program contains information on keynotes, plenaries, concurrent sessions and social activities.

Click here to download the Program.

Concurrent Session Program

The Concurrent Session Program contains information on plenaries and concurrent sessions at the 7th International Carers Conference, from Wednesday, 4 October 2017 to Friday, 6 October 2017.

This program will be updated regularly.

Carers Australia reserves the right to relocate presentations as required.

Click here to download the Concurrent Session Program.

Concurrent Session abstracts

Concurrent Session 1 - Wednesday 4 October |  2.00-3.30PM

Concurrent Session 2 - Wednesday 4 October |  4.00-5.30PM

Concurrent Session 3 - Thursday 5 October  |  11.30AM-1.00PM

Concurrent Session 4 - Thursday 5 October  |  2.00PM-3.30PM

Concurrent Session 5 - Friday 6 October  |  9.00AM-10.30PM

Concurrent Session 6 - Friday 6 October  |  1.30PM-3.00PM

Poster presentation abstracts

Click here to read the full abstracts of the the Poster presentations.

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